Production: Arte France



A strong inner conflict is the real focus of Sparta. Ewald laughs when he plays with the children. Slowly, however, his laughter turns into a cry. A cry that nobody notices, that only vents inside a car or in the retirement home where his father is. Subtle facial expressions say more than a thousand words. Ulrich Seidl (and the excellent Georg Friedrich) render all this perfectly and show us how the protagonist is actually the only real victim of his own weaknesses. At the Viennale 2022.



Decadentism and modernity find an excellent combination in Corsage. The costumes and elegant interiors of Schönbrunn provide a counterpoint to the pop music. At the same time, Marie Kreutzer opted for a classical mise-en-scène, so that the viewer can focus exclusively on her magnetic protagonist, masterfully played by Vicky Krieps. At the Cannes Film Festival 2022.


The man before the genius. Always. And it is precisely this that David Teboul wants to show in his films. And so, in Sigmund Freud – A Jew without God, the voice-over – the only ad hoc element, which is not part of the original archive footage – simply acts as a connection between one text and the next, designed also – and above all – to give fluidity and completeness to the whole mise-en-scène composed of film footage edited as a fictional feature.