Film director: Michael Glawogger



Movies in the Mind is a true declaration of love to cinema in all its forms. And cinema itself, in turn, should not be at all elitist, but, on the contrary, is something that belongs to each and every one of us. Michael Glawogger knew this well.



A cynical and disillusioned perspective focuses mainly on the numerous paradoxes that come to life when different realities are shown to us one after the other. We laugh a lot, we laugh almost from beginning to end, while watching War in Vienna. Yet, on closer inspection, what we are shown is quite disturbing. At the Viennale 2022, section Österreich real.


A great melancholy and a deep sense of loneliness pervade Whores’ Glory. A multifaceted, colourful, but also incredibly touching and painful documentary. Not one, but many stories that only the attentive and sensitive gaze of Michael Glawogger could have told so well.


It would be a mistake to classify Megacities as a simple documentary. Megacities is actually much more. Megacities is a journey through the world’s biggest cities, a colourful fresco that tells us in pictures the stories of those who live on the margins of society.



Michael Glawogger, in realising Untitled, his posthumous film, set off with his long-standing group of collaborators on a journey around the world – apparently without any final destination – filming reality as it is, without any filter, documenting destruction and rebirth, the degradation of certain situations around the world and, at the same time, the great power of human beings to recover, to rise from the ashes, to find a new purpose in life, new lifeblood.