Tag: Viennale 2021


Film critic, curator and film historian Amos Vogel would have turned 100 years old on April 18, 2021. To celebrate this, the Österreichisches Filmmuseum in cooperation with the Viennale organised the retrospective Amos Vogel – Film as a subversive Art, which takes its title from the book of the same name written by the author in 1974. The cinema he researched is a cinema considered ‘different’, made by filmmakers who wanted to ‘free themselves’ from the demands of the big production companies and who would have hardly received the attention they deserved.


Peter Tscherkassky’s Train again is not simply a tribute to film history and to one of the most beloved and versatile means of transport, which has always had great significance in film. Train again is also – and above all – a tribute to the history of Austrian avant-garde cinema and to one of its most outstanding representatives. At the Viennale 2021.