Category: 2023



Making your way in the world of cooking, searching for your place in the world. The hypothetical tag-line of the documentary She Chef could be this, summarising the training path that Agnes Karrasch, a 25-year-old Austrian, decides to undertake in order to realise her dream.



Club Zero is a mercilessly sincere feature film, extremely rigorous in its mise-en-scene, which finds its ideal mood in a sharp irony. The image of society depicted here has the sharp, vivid colours of a world in which no half-measures are allowed. Just like in the cinema of Hausner, who has been minutely analysing every single aspect of this very world for years now. In competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.



Head over Heels, the newest film by director and screenwriter Andreas Schmied, author of, among others, the thrilling Chasing the Line, is the classic light comedy, lacking nothing to laugh at but where one knows exactly where it is getting at. An honest film for a classic rainy Sunday afternoon.



The colours of Greece, together with breathtaking landscapes, are treated in Griechenland almost as co-protagonists. Johannes runs from one side of the island to the other in order to understand what is really going on. But, perhaps, only a chat with a fisherman, while stargazing at night, can make one really understand the true meaning of life.



Wunderland is both a bitter and tender tale. A little, sincere film that with disarming realism shows us the first, important encounter with the world around us and its difficulties. Dreams are the mirror of our fears. But, perhaps, the love of parents can make us forget everything, even if only for a moment.



With Midas, Edgar Honetschläger has made a completely original and surprising feature film, a feature film that one does not expect, which skilfully deals with universal themes while at the same time taking a completely personal form. At the Diagonale’23.



27 Storeys immediately turns out to be an extremely intimate and personal, documentary, but also objective enough for a clear observation of the reality shown to us. The viewer has complete freedom to draw his or her own conclusions. At the Diagonale’23.



Cave Painting is a true visual experience. An essential film that in just fifteen minutes tells us about the past and present of our beloved cinema. Past and present that meet, mingle, merge and together draw an exhaustive picture of what cinema has realised in little more than a century. At the Diagonale’23.



Smother has nothing to envy from past horror films and although it makes visions, hallucinations and perceptions its workhorse, it focuses mainly on the personal drama of the protagonist, classifying itself as a deep and never trivial feature film about parenthood. At the Diagonale’23.



Vienna Calling is an exciting journey into pop, underground Vienna. A film in which music and words go hand in hand, in which we can finally ‘peek behind the scenes’ and get to know the most important artists of the contemporary music scene better, while also sharing with them moments from their private lives. At the Diagonale’23.