Actor: Gerhard Liebmann



The Tobacconist is undoubtedly an interesting feature film, but it gets lost in the many paths it decides to take. And not even the presence of Bruno Ganz or a cameo by the great Erni Mangold can do much.



Despite being a debut feature, Eismayer first and foremost denotes great directorial maturity and a never obvious ability to delve into the human soul, managing to capture every subtle nuance of the protagonists’ personalities. At the 79th Venice Film Festival, section Settimana della Critica.



Climate change has, for several years now, become a rather topical issue. And what does cinema, for its part, do? Great witness of our times, the seventh art has also often had its say on the subject. One example is the feature film The Station – made by Marvin Kren in 2013 – a reinterpretation/tribute to John Carpenter’s famous The Thing (1982). An operation, this one, however, very risky.



As the title itself suggests, in Breathing, Karl Markovics’ debut film, air is, after water, the second central element. Forced into a world that is not appropriate for his age and that doesn’t seem to belong to him at all, Roman feels he is suffocating and, although he doesn’t have gills, paradoxically it’ s underwater that he really breathes, finding his own, unusual dimension.