Actor: Markus Schleinzer



Meticulously detailed and quite original in its costumes, with an excellent cast and locations that almost seem to belong to enchanted dimensions, Frauke Finsterwalder’s Sisi & I is definitely the most “feminist” version of all the feature films dedicated to Elisabeth of Austria. At the Berlinale 2023.



In I Promise Wolfgang Murnberger undoubtedly relies on many clichés concerning not only military life, but also – and above all – the always complicated transition from childhood to adulthood. These clichés, however, manage to fully capture the feelings of the young protagonists, making this important feature film an extremely intimate and intelligent work.


The Royal Game is an endless journey between its protagonist’s past and present. The Royal Game is a rollercoaster ride, the meeting point between the outside world and the inner world. An experience that, at times, can really hurt.


The Robber focuses mainly on the complex inner world of its protagonist, his constant need to run away, his difficulty in integrating into society and leading a normal life.


The bizarre situations staged by David Schalko in the series Me and the Others are initially presented as a pure divertissement: we do not know why the protagonist is able to make these wishes, nor do we know who is able to make his dreams come true. Then, slowly, the music changes. At the Berlinale 2021.


What we witness in Superegos is a true crescendo. Of emotions and of extreme situations. And the feature film – which is mainly supported by the excellent performances of André Wilms and Georg Friedrich – does not lose credibility, but, on the contrary, thanks to a script that has no particular ambitions other than to laugh at what has made nations such as Austria and Germany ‘famous’, manages to always maintain a good rhythm. Even when the ending seems a little too hasty.



With a directorial approach that is as essential as possible – and with evident influences from the cinema of Michael Haneke – Markus Schleinzer – together with Kathrin Resetarits – has opted in Michael for a skilful minimal direction in staging the events of the two protagonists. A minimal direction made up of essential shots, fixed camera and very little dialogue. In competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.



The discovery of one’s homosexuality and, at the same time, the progressive knowledge of one’s body, are the main protagonists of Nevrland, in which Gregor Schmidinger has opted for a completely unconventional and, at times, highly experimental staging.