Actor: Richard Eybner



Die kluge Marianne is an elegant and funny comedy of errors, a story that might seem anachronistic today, but, at the same time, a true declaration of love to women. A film that, even many years after it was made, is perfectly capable of filling viewers’ hearts with joy and optimism.


Eroica follows the canons of the Wiener Films, in which elegant costumes and the world of the upper middle class become the main actors. Yet, this important film by Kolm-Veltée shows a marked personality, focuses mainly on the genius of Beethoven and cleverly avoids any possible clichés.



Eva – made by Rolf Thiele in 1959 and the last Austrian film with Romy Schneider – has the feel of a comedy by Vincente Minnelli, by Robert Wise or even by George Cuckor.



The scene in which actors Hans Moser and Paul Hörbiger, dressed as bellhops, are struggling with the transport of some heavy luggage, including a big wooden box, is, to this day, considered one of the most famous sketches in the history of Austrian cinema. This is one of the highlight scenes of the comedy Hallo Dienstmann, directed by Franz Antel in 1951.