Film director: Siegfried A. Fruhauf



In Realtime, practically nothing else is needed for Cinema to show up on the movie screen in all its communicative power. In little more than four minutes, the magic happens. The viewer is hypnotised.



Cave Painting is a true visual experience. An essential film that in just fifteen minutes tells us about the past and present of our beloved cinema. Past and present that meet, mingle, merge and together draw an exhaustive picture of what cinema has realised in little more than a century. At the Diagonale’23.



Mountain Trip is a little, refined miriorama through which the director wanted to show us the essence of Austria according to numerous clichés spread all over the world. On the postcards, each time, we can recognise mountains, small houses, church steeples that stand out above everything, but also large green meadows and lakes. And so, many postcards make up one endless landscape.