Actor: Margarete Tiesel



Replay is a sparkling comedy of errors, an evocative and original portrait of Vienna by night, but also the personal drama of a man who has not yet found his place in the world.



Moonbound is all in all an enjoyable, colourful and, at times, adrenaline-fuelled feature film for families. A film with an international scope that, however, both in terms of the script and the realisation of the CGI pictures, suffers greatly from the comparison with other animated films made in the meantime all over the world. At the Diagonale’22.



Der Schutzengel stands out immediately for its evocative noir atmospheres, for places almost isolated from the rest of the world and for an intelligent and never predictable reflection on the nature of human beings. Götz Spielmann’s unmistakable approach did the rest. At the Diagonale’22.


No one is really innocent in Life eternal. And even if past faults come to the surface, we gradually discover that those whom we initially considered to be completely negative, also have a tender and friendly nature after all.


No one is really innocent or completely guilty in Hold-Up. Or, better still, each of the three characters is both victim and executioner at the same time. And this feature film by Florian Flicker stands out above all for its good screenplay, thanks to which moments of tension cleverly alternate with much more light-hearted scenes.



In The Dark by Justin P. Lange and Klemens Hufnagl, the exposed theory becomes a universal message in an interesting and successful genre film that includes other influences from different forms of the seventh art.