Year: 2003


Fast Film. “Almost a film”. So Virgil Widrich wanted to call this precious little work of his. And more than a true declaration of love to film history and, more generally, to the world of the seventh art itself, this short film represents one of the many forms that cinema can assume, thanks to a sophisticated work in which stop motion and computer graphics coexist in harmony.


If, on the one hand, Twinni seems, from a directorial point of view, a little naïve, it is above all the carefully studied cinematography in predominantly pastel tones that immediately takes us back to the 1980s, with a series of poetic and nostalgic images that never seem excessive or cloying.


Dinner for two – made for television by Xaver Schwarzenberger, the long-time cinematographer of the great Rainer Werner Fassbinder – aims above all to be a fresco of Viennese society – and, more generally, of the world in which we live – without taking itself too seriously. A long journey through Vienna where anything can happen.