Year: 1986


The famous Uhrturm peacefully watches over the Styrian capital. Numerous young people are interviewed about their daily lives, opinions and politics. Each of them shows us a different point of view. Each of them experiences the picturesque city of Graz in their own way. All this happens in the documentary Losgelassen – Jugend in Graz by Rene Brueger, which completes the programme of the upcoming Diagonale 2021 – section Sehnsucht 2020 – Eine kleine Stadterzählung.


Drawing heavily from the cinema of Robert Bresson – complete with the choice of non-professional actors and the focus on a society with dubious morality – Wolfram Paulus has made a feature film in which the wide open spaces – and, in particular, the immense snowy expanses of the Salzburg area – convey a deep sense of agoraphobia, perfectly in line with the equally strong sense of claustrophobia in the interiors.