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Why not you, Evi Romen’s debut feature, focuses mainly on objects. Be it a funny wig symbolising an identity to be revealed or even just a quick selfie on a mobile phone. They are apparently insignificant objects that recur frequently throughout the feature film, immediately taking on a highly symbolic meaning.


Also in this precious little 3.30PM Ludwig Wüst retains the main themes and constants of his cinema, emphasising, if you like, certain trends already traced in the past. And here, that realism and minimalism that were so central in his previous works become quite essential.


Who is the victim and who is the executioner, at the end of the day, in this singular version of events staged by Angela Summereder? Regardless of how things really turned out, no one is really innocent in Zechmeister. And, at the end of the day, the finger is pointed above all at a hypocritical and perbenist society, ready to accuse anyone it comes across, just to see from afar what consequences will arise from certain actions.


The inner torments and problems of young Hermann are staged in Clinch with a directorial approach in which the simple observation of everyday life acts as a perfect co-star, a successful counterpoint to the troubled events of the protagonist himself. All with a touch of wisdom in contemplating life and its placid flow, following the natural course of events.


On the occasion of the Viennale 2020, directors Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel presented to the audience their newest film, Notes from the Underworld (original title: Aufzeichnungen aus der Unterwelt), already selected at the Berlinale 2020, within the Panorama section. Cinema Austriaco had the opportunity to meet them and learn more about this new work and, more generally, about their career and their way of relating to the seventh art. Interview by Marina Pavido.


Characterised by a frenetic and intense montage, together with a musical score that increases a constant suspense in the spectator, Wood is made by three filmmakers – Ebba Sinziger, Michaela Kirst and Monica Lazurean-Gorgan – in order to convey three points of view that come together towards a unique conclusion, with the main goal of making the world realise the danger of certain realities.


On the occasion of the Viennale 2020, which this year, despite the pandemic, is taking place safely and with an as usual rich and varied programme, Cinema Austriaco had the opportunity to have a chat with festival director Eva Sangiorgi. With her we talked about this particular edition, the importance of keeping alive and active contact with the audience and, more generally, how important film festivals are nowadays. Interview by Marina Pavido.


Important references to literature, philosophy and cinema itself, as well as an atmosphere as light as a feather and a welcome touch of surrealism – together with pastel colours, further enhanced by Super8 footage – best convey the essence of this short and precious Ad una Mela. Viennale 2020 trailer, directed by Alice Rohrwacher.


For the first time, Austria’s two largest film festivals are collaborating contentwise. From October 25 to November 1, the Festival of Austrian Film will present in the Viennale festival cinemas Kollektion Diagonale’20 – “Die Unvollendete” (Diagonale’20 Collection – “The Unfinished”), which includes six feature films and a program comprising eight short films.