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Future Baby doesn’t aim to give precise answers on the subject. Likewise, the difficult moral questions that might be raised following its screening are only vaguely addressed, but never really deepened. A choice, this one, more than appreciable, since it is immediately clear that director Maria Arlamovsky wanted to foreground, above all, the inner self of the characters each time introduced, in addition, of course, to the advances that, nowadays, have been achieved through research.


On the occasion of the festival Sotto le stelle dell’Austria 2020, director and screenwriter Maria Arlamovsky will present her documentary Robolove, which has already been very well received by audiences and critics at the Viennale 2019. Cinema Austriaco was honoured to have a chat with her and to be told something about her interesting work, about her career and, more generally, about a possible near future. Interview by Marina Pavido.



Robolove, by Maria Arlamovsky, essentially stands out for its stylistic elegance, devoid of unnecessary frills, but with a camera that is able to focus, time after time, on every smallest but significant detail of the robots, without being afraid to take its time to show us everything, and ensuring that we too, in turn, can feel part of that future that is still so far away, but, in reality, much closer than we can imagine. At the Viennale 2019.