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Werner Schroeter has made Malina an incredibly topical feature film, attacking not only patriarchy, but also the entire society, which is so insidiously hypocritical. A stylistically sophisticated feature film that pays tribute to all the extraordinary women who worked on it. At the K3 Film Festival 2023, as a tribute to Libgart Schwarz and Ingeborg Bachmann.



Beautiful shots, dominated by the white of the snow, which does not give that classic feeling of infinite space – disorienting and distorted – but on the contrary is pleasant, perhaps because it is interspersed with the colourful jackets of the protagonists. Perhaps, the meaning of In the circle is simply this: in the end, we all move in circles, constantly searching for something. At the K3 Film Festival 2023.



Maria von Herbert is based almost exclusively on the original letters between the Carinthian philosopher and Immanuel Kant and between them and anyone who took part in the complex discussion that ensued. The words in voice over constantly take centre stage. Meanwhile, elegant images filmed exactly in the large villa that was once the headquarters of the Herbertkreis take us by the hand into the world of the protagonist. At the K3 Film Festival 2023.