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In I am the Tigress, the two filmmakers opted for the most neutral directorial approach possible and let the images speak for themselves. There is no need, in this documentary of theirs, for redundant captions or classic interviews. The camera follows the protagonist in her everyday life and the viewer immediately becomes part of her world, laughs with her, suffers with her and even experiences her most intimate moments. At the Diagonale 2021.


In Madison, the Tyrolean mountains provide the perfect setting for wild bike rides, tortuous curves and steep descents. And the director’s camera handles the space perfectly, moves with agility along the slopes and trails, and gives us welcome adrenalin-fuelled moments. At the Diagonale 2021.


Mehrunisa is the story of a battle. A dream that comes true and two people who will see their lives finally change forever. And above all, two different generations who discover they have much more in common than it might initially seem. At the Diagonale 2021.


Hands kneading dumplings, an entire family gathered around the table to cook, food being prepared with love and bringing everyone together. Just as oriental cinema has always shown us. And again, views of Shanghai and Beijing from above – cities that have suffered much over the years and where the consequences of war are still evident – but also the wide streets and parks of the Austrian capital. All this is Weiyena – Ein Heimatfilm. At the Diagonale 2021.