Tag: Diagonale 2021


Lights, colours, extravagant costumes and highly paradoxical situations become the trademark of this precious and unique Canale Grande. Friederike Pezold is not afraid to dare, to have her say, to ‘shout’ her anger – always with a welcome touch of irony and humour – against today’s society, against a latent chauvinism and against what the world of telecommunications has become. At the Diagonale 2021.


In Highfalutin, the protagonists’ stories seem almost like a nostalgic stream of consciousness. A stream of consciousness that captures our attention from the very first minutes and immediately makes us feel part of their world. And so, the great Volker Spengler immediately becomes a familiar figure for us. A kind of old friend we immediately become fond of. At the Diagonale’21.


Will there ever be hope of salvation for those living on the margins of society? Norbert Pfaffenbichler seems to have a clear idea about this. But perhaps only love can save us all. And in 2551.01 it does so in a never banal or predictable way, skilfully avoiding any possible rhetoric. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid and presented at Diagonale 2021.