Screenwriter: Kurdwin Ayub



Wunderland is both a bitter and tender tale. A little, sincere film that with disarming realism shows us the first, important encounter with the world around us and its difficulties. Dreams are the mirror of our fears. But, perhaps, the love of parents can make us forget everything, even if only for a moment.



In Boomerang we find all the constants of Kurdwin Ayub’s filmography. Here too we notice a conscious and extremely mature approach to a young story about young people. A light and deep story at the same time. An extremely personal story that through the director’s innovative gaze immediately takes on universal connotations. At the Diagonale’22.



Kurdwin Ayub is not afraid to dare and experiment with new film languages. This, after all, is what she has always done in her previous works as well. In Sonne, therefore, the director also finally feels free to develop and explore themes close to her heart from the perspective of teenagers who live in a big European city, but who come from all over the world. What, then, does homeland mean?