Screenwriter: Karl Markovics



Nobadi, actor Karl Markovics’ third directorial work, is a timeless story, a universal story, imbued with strong symbolism and within which the two talented protagonists must inevitably deal with themselves and their difficult experiences. All this creates a work of extraordinary artistic maturity.



Superworld – the second film by actor and director Karl Markovics – stages a true mystical experience, along with the rediscovery of a love relationship that had been considered, for too many years, irretrievably failed. And yet, despite the issues dealt with, Markovics doesn’t want to express any particular thesis on the subject, leaving the spectator great freedom of interpretation.



As the title itself suggests, in Breathing, Karl Markovics’ debut film, air is, after water, the second central element. Forced into a world that is not appropriate for his age and that doesn’t seem to belong to him at all, Roman feels he is suffocating and, although he doesn’t have gills, paradoxically it’ s underwater that he really breathes, finding his own, unusual dimension.