Screenwriter: Adrian Goiginger



Rickerl is the story of not one, but many people who struggle every day for their dreams and for the people they love to be happy. The story of those who have made and continue to make so many mistakes, but who only with the help of those they love can overcome every difficulty. An all-Austrian story in which the Viennese dialect and Austropop music make everything even more colorful. At the Viennale 2023.



The Fox might at first seem to be one of the many (too many?) films that depict a special friendship between humans and animals. And when approaching such stories, the risk of creating something overly rhetorical is higher than ever. Adrian Goiginger, fortunately, has managed to avoid such mistakes, focusing mainly on the childhood traumas of the young protagonist. At the Diagonale’23.


It is no coincidence that a feature film like The Best of all Worlds has been a great success with audiences. All of this is due to skilful directing, but above all it is also due to two perfect protagonists, now totally confused in the cold outskirts of Salzburg, now simply happy to be in each other’s company. All this makes for a nostalgic glimpse into the world of childhood, when one was still too young to understand the ugliness of the adult world.