Production: WILDart FILM



In Boomerang we find all the constants of Kurdwin Ayub’s filmography. Here too we notice a conscious and extremely mature approach to a young story about young people. A light and deep story at the same time. An extremely personal story that through the director’s innovative gaze immediately takes on universal connotations. At the Diagonale’22.


The man before the genius. Always. And it is precisely this that David Teboul wants to show in his films. And so, in Sigmund Freud – A Jew without God, the voice-over – the only ad hoc element, which is not part of the original archive footage – simply acts as a connection between one text and the next, designed also – and above all – to give fluidity and completeness to the whole mise-en-scène composed of film footage edited as a fictional feature.


Characterised by a frenetic and intense montage, together with a musical score that increases a constant suspense in the spectator, Wood is made by three filmmakers – Ebba Sinziger, Michaela Kirst and Monica Lazurean-Gorgan – in order to convey three points of view that come together towards a unique conclusion, with the main goal of making the world realise the danger of certain realities.