Production: Sascha-Verleih


Presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival 1934, Maskerade won the Best Screenplay Award. While following the canons of the Wiener Films, with a story set in the world of the upper middle class, its splendour, sumptuous costumes and music, both Willi Forst and screenwriter Walter Reisch wanted to give the whole thing a different touch, pointing the finger at a hypocritical and decadent society reminiscent of Arthur Schnitzler’s works.



Werner Jacobs’ Heidi is a pleasant and extremely simple fairy tale, considering Spyri’s novel from which it is inspired. Nowadays, it seems to us to be a film intended almost exclusively for young and very young audiences, in which there are no real villains. Each character, therefore, is driven by personal, strong motivations that, at the end of the screening, are mercifully justified.