Production: Langbein & Partner Media


Hands kneading dumplings, an entire family gathered around the table to cook, food being prepared with love and bringing everyone together. Just as oriental cinema has always shown us. And again, views of Shanghai and Beijing from above – cities that have suffered much over the years and where the consequences of war are still evident – but also the wide streets and parks of the Austrian capital. All this is Weiyena – Ein Heimatfilm. At the Diagonale 2021.


From a sophisticated work on vintage photographs, Maya Sarfaty’s Love it was not draws its most brilliant inspiration, creating, time after time, further photomontages, which, more and more complex and carefully edited in 3D, lead us by the hand into the world of Helena and Franz, in a love and suffering story where a usual documentary approach gives way to a mise en scène that successfully combines archive footage and present-day techniques.


Anders essen – Das Experiment, aims for extreme clarity in order to make us understand the consequences of our ‘irresponsible’ feeding. Thus, starting from the premise that we need a field of about 4400 square metres for our daily food, if everyone on earth ate as we do, we would need a whole other planet in order to limit as much as possible our impact on the environment. Yet, something can be done.