Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion



Despite being a debut feature, Eismayer first and foremost denotes great directorial maturity and a never obvious ability to delve into the human soul, managing to capture every subtle nuance of the protagonists’ personalities. At the 79th Venice Film Festival, section Settimana della Critica.


Mehrunisa is the story of a battle. A dream that comes true and two people who will see their lives finally change forever. And above all, two different generations who discover they have much more in common than it might initially seem. At the Diagonale 2021.


Fast paced, impeccable editing, an apparent daily routine that opens the feature immediately give us the idea of a thrilling action film, given also – and above all – the particular setting chosen by the director. And, in fact, there is plenty of action in Cops. And yet, this feature film is not just that.


A documentary, The most beautiful Place on Earth, which, with an aesthetic that focuses mainly on the essential and which makes long moments of contemplation its trademark, points the finger directly at those who, devoid of any independent thinking, allow themselves to be led by the hand by “experts”, deciding to support one or the other party, depending on what is convenient for them. Just as a group of Orwellian quacking geese would do.


Although Korida is not always perfect, at times redundant film, it is also – and above all – a sincere and passionate work that, on the whole, successfully captures a reality such as bullfighting, creating a varied and colourful fresco of a people – the Croatian people – that nevertheless proudly manages to defend its traditions and national identity.