Film director: Mansur Madavi



Mansur Madavi enjoyed surprising us, confusing us and making us completely identify with his protagonist. Just Behind the Door is a feature film that is both simple and complex at the same time. A feature film that treasures what has been made in the past, but nevertheless finds its own way, proving to be a true gem of Austrian cinema. As part of the retrospective Keine Angst by the Filmarchiv Austria.


Constant, pounding sounds, especially in the first part, are the absolute protagonists in Magic Glass, Mansur Madavi’s debut film, which for certain aspects even reminds us of John Carpenter’s They Live, as well as of Jacques Tati’s Playtime. And when the protagonist finally seems to break out of that vicious circle that is the unhealthy, capitalist society, he seems to everyone to be insane, potentially dangerous to himself and others.