Cinematography: Serafin Spitzer



Stams is the imagine of a world of dreams, of fears, of hopes. The image not of one, but of many stories of young people who have chosen a difficult path, but who desperately want to live to the full with all that life has to offer them. At the Berlinale 2023.



A strong inner conflict is the real focus of Sparta. Ewald laughs when he plays with the children. Slowly, however, his laughter turns into a cry. A cry that nobody notices, that only vents inside a car or in the retirement home where his father is. Subtle facial expressions say more than a thousand words. Ulrich Seidl (and the excellent Georg Friedrich) render all this perfectly and show us how the protagonist is actually the only real victim of his own weaknesses. At the Viennale 2022.



Despite being a debut feature, Eismayer first and foremost denotes great directorial maturity and a never obvious ability to delve into the human soul, managing to capture every subtle nuance of the protagonists’ personalities. At the 79th Venice Film Festival, section Settimana della Critica.



Nobadi, actor Karl Markovics’ third directorial work, is a timeless story, a universal story, imbued with strong symbolism and within which the two talented protagonists must inevitably deal with themselves and their difficult experiences. All this creates a work of extraordinary artistic maturity.