Cinematography: Reinhold Vorschneider



Sleeper plays on a subtle ambiguity, which well represents the perceptions and paranoia that many experienced in the aftermath of the Twin Towers attack. Benjamin Heisenberg knows what he wants to convey to the viewer and, in this case, he has done so by giving us a subtle and intelligent feature film.


The Robber focuses mainly on the complex inner world of its protagonist, his constant need to run away, his difficulty in integrating into society and leading a normal life.


What we witness in Superegos is a true crescendo. Of emotions and of extreme situations. And the feature film – which is mainly supported by the excellent performances of André Wilms and Georg Friedrich – does not lose credibility, but, on the contrary, thanks to a script that has no particular ambitions other than to laugh at what has made nations such as Austria and Germany ‘famous’, manages to always maintain a good rhythm. Even when the ending seems a little too hasty.