Cinematography: Peter Zeitlinger



In Erwin and Julia, each of the protagonists seems never to be able to realise their dreams. Despite all the potential of the city of Vienna. Erwin, Wolf, but also Claudia and Karin live almost in a kind of limbo, perfectly aware of what they want to become, but somehow unable to achieve their goals. And what if their own goals are, in reality, mere illusions?


Everything is floating in a timeless dimension in Vergiss Sneider!, Götz Spielmann’s medium-length graduation film. And next to a dark humour in the background, next to a subtle as well as vibrant eroticism, next to characters whose obsessions are taken to the extreme, we see a theatrical mise-en-scène that clearly refers to the Theatre of the Absurd, without forgetting Roman Polanski himself or even the science fiction films of the glorious Hollywood of the 1950s and 1960s.