Cinematography: Martin Putz



With a minimalist and at the same time sophisticated directorial approach, this interesting and precious re-BIRDING immediately becomes utopia. An image of an ideal world in which we have finally come to understand the importance of what nature has to offer us and all the living beings that populate our world. At the Diagonale 2024.



In its complex simplicity, MappaMundi successfully depicts the history not only of our planet, but also of mankind, even hypothesising a (not) too distant, but practically inevitable future. Can there ever really be a definitive end, however? Bady Minck does not want to formulate any precise theory on the matter.



Copy Shop is present and future. The loss of identity and subjectivity due to modern media. Copy Shop is the loss of all certainty, in a world where we no longer know what is true and what is not.



In re-GEO / rendering reconstructions of desire, Michaela Schwentner has fully captured the quintessence of Georgette Klein, she has given us the opportunity to get to know the artist from an extremely intimate and personal point of view and, through her story, she has dealt with an extremely topical discourse concerning, precisely, women within the society in which we live. At the Diagonale’22.


Will there ever be hope of salvation for those living on the margins of society? Norbert Pfaffenbichler seems to have a clear idea about this. But perhaps only love can save us all. And in 2551.01 it does so in a never banal or predictable way, skilfully avoiding any possible rhetoric. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid and presented at Diagonale 2021.


Fast Film. “Almost a film”. So Virgil Widrich wanted to call this precious little work of his. And more than a true declaration of love to film history and, more generally, to the world of the seventh art itself, this short film represents one of the many forms that cinema can assume, thanks to a sophisticated work in which stop motion and computer graphics coexist in harmony.