Cinematography: Lukas Marxt



Lucas Marxt focuses first and foremost on a strong visual impact. And even in this short but important Marine Target, we notice a great attention to aesthetics, thanks to which the images shown to us almost take on the appearance of an abstract painting. An abstract and perfectly symmetrical painting, in which a precise contemplative mood contrasts well with the gravity of the facts shown to us. At the Viennale 2022.


In Reign of Silence, the word is left exclusively to the images. There is no need for anything else, not even for redundant captions or music. Pure cinema. A directorial approach that is certainly extreme, but also incredibly mature and self-conscious. A directorial approach maintained by Lukas Marxt over the years.



Spaces are the great protagonists of Ralf’s Colors, directed by Lukas Marxt. Wide-open spaces, which almost convey a strange sense of agoraphobia, together with their striking beauty. Open spaces and unspoilt nature that, from time to time, alternate – in juxtaposition – with images of tall buildings, filmed by the director’s camera almost like a symmetrical abstract composition. At the Viennale 2019.