Cinematography: Klemens Hufnagl



In De Facto, there is no need for complex set designs, archive material, many actors or the on-set reconstruction of certain historical events. On the contrary, the director focuses on simplicity and the essential, opting for a well-thought-out and strongly minimalist mise-en-scène, which, however, perfectly succeeds in its intentions.


In Macondo, many issues are brought into play. If, on the one hand, we see the problem of the integration of Ramasan’s family within Austrian society, then the focus slowly shifts to the personal drama of the young protagonist, the need to belong to something stable and reassuring – as can be, in this case, the family – and the desire to discover the truth about a past about which we still know too little.



In The Dark by Justin P. Lange and Klemens Hufnagl, the exposed theory becomes a universal message in an interesting and successful genre film that includes other influences from different forms of the seventh art.