Cinematography: Jerzy Palacz



Reality and imagination. Past and present. War and peace. Pain and serenity. In Fever, all these elements play the leading role, they often get mixed up, they confuse us, but, all together, they point the finger directly at every war, which is responsible for ruining the lives of millions of people.


Superficial civic commitment is constantly placed side by side with paradoxical and sometimes even somewhat grotesque situations in Forward. And the director, for her part, aims precisely at this, without openly supporting this or that party, but drawing a faithful and universal fresco of the world of politics and the exhausting election campaigns.


Why not you, Evi Romen’s debut feature, focuses mainly on objects. Be it a funny wig symbolising an identity to be revealed or even just a quick selfie on a mobile phone. They are apparently insignificant objects that recur frequently throughout the feature film, immediately taking on a highly symbolic meaning.


Characterised by a frenetic and intense montage, together with a musical score that increases a constant suspense in the spectator, Wood is made by three filmmakers – Ebba Sinziger, Michaela Kirst and Monica Lazurean-Gorgan – in order to convey three points of view that come together towards a unique conclusion, with the main goal of making the world realise the danger of certain realities.



It is impossible to remain indifferent after watching Models (as after watching every other work by Ulrich Seidl). And this is exactly what the director wants: to hit, to shock, to enrapture the audience without fear of hurting them.



Out of competition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival, Safari, the latest work by the famous and controversial Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl, shocked audiences and critics, and raised a lot of controversy about what he wanted to show in such a brutal and explicit way.