Cinematography: Hans Selikovsky



A cynical and disillusioned perspective focuses mainly on the numerous paradoxes that come to life when different realities are shown to us one after the other. We laugh a lot, we laugh almost from beginning to end, while watching War in Vienna. Yet, on closer inspection, what we are shown is quite disturbing. At the Viennale 2022, section Österreich real.


Surreal, bizarre, but also tender and rather naïve, Drei Herren is certainly not a perfect feature film. And yet, as we get closer to the finale, each character turns out to be much more complex and multifaceted than it might initially seem.


Good News – Ulrich Seidl’s brilliant debut after a series of shorts and medium-length films – follows step by step the everyday life of all those workers, mainly from Bangladesh, who are hired by the major national newspapers in order to sell their newspapers on the streets of the city and at underground stations. A system, this one, which shows a class hierarchy more marked than ever, where the exasperated stillness of the lives of the upper class contrasts strongly with the instability, lack of certainty and security of the lives of the immigrants.


India is the story of a great friendship. Of a friendship which is so strong that it is able to overcome any adversity. Josef Hader and Alfred Dorfer, for their part, have accomplished an excellent script, perfectly combining comedy and tragedy, in a deep and never predictable reflection on life, death and the importance of interpersonal relationships.



It is impossible to remain indifferent after watching Models (as after watching every other work by Ulrich Seidl). And this is exactly what the director wants: to hit, to shock, to enrapture the audience without fear of hurting them.