Actor: Ulrike Beimpold



Head over Heels, the newest film by director and screenwriter Andreas Schmied, author of, among others, the thrilling Chasing the Line, is the classic light comedy, lacking nothing to laugh at but where one knows exactly where it is getting at. An honest film for a classic rainy Sunday afternoon.



Just as it was in Love Machine, in Love Machine 2 a series of gags complement a script that is at times a little too predictable, but which, overall, provides the viewer with an hour and a half of laughter. The charisma of Georgy (and, of course, of talented Thomas Stipsits) is the real focus around which the whole film revolves.


No one is really innocent or completely guilty in Hold-Up. Or, better still, each of the three characters is both victim and executioner at the same time. And this feature film by Florian Flicker stands out above all for its good screenplay, thanks to which moments of tension cleverly alternate with much more light-hearted scenes.


Divided mainly into a series of sometimes too predictable gags, Love Machine suffers a lot from a weak screenplay, whose twists can already be easily imagined after only a few minutes. Despite the charisma of the talented Thomas Stipsits in the leading role.



Superworld – the second film by actor and director Karl Markovics – stages a true mystical experience, along with the rediscovery of a love relationship that had been considered, for too many years, irretrievably failed. And yet, despite the issues dealt with, Markovics doesn’t want to express any particular thesis on the subject, leaving the spectator great freedom of interpretation.