Actor: Tobias Moretti



An exciting and extremely topical thriller, Cold Hell is a much more complex and layered work than it may at first seem. Stefan Ruzowitzky has made not only a fresco of the city of Vienna in all its multiculturalism and controversial aspects, but also – and above all – a film that brings up complex and sensitive issues such as racism and patriarchy.



We do not see in Louis van Beethoven a composer at work. We do not witness the creative process that led to the birth of some of his most famous compositions. Not the end result, but what, fundamentally, led to it. An undoubtedly winning idea, which, however, made Niki Stein’s feature film an excessively dispersive work, in which the director himself seems too cold towards his protagonist and his works.


No one is really innocent in Life eternal. And even if past faults come to the surface, we gradually discover that those whom we initially considered to be completely negative, also have a tender and friendly nature after all.