Actor: Roswitha Soukup



Despite being a debut feature, Eismayer first and foremost denotes great directorial maturity and a never obvious ability to delve into the human soul, managing to capture every subtle nuance of the protagonists’ personalities. At the 79th Venice Film Festival, section Settimana della Critica.



Still Life is by no means a ‘simple’ film. On the contrary, every little facet of the protagonists’ personalities is well rendered by Sebastian Meise’s camera in a never rhetorical or predictable way. The close-ups on their faces, the confessions, the chats in a car or on a station platform, but also the extreme gestures give each of them humanity.


No one is really innocent or completely guilty in Hold-Up. Or, better still, each of the three characters is both victim and executioner at the same time. And this feature film by Florian Flicker stands out above all for its good screenplay, thanks to which moments of tension cleverly alternate with much more light-hearted scenes.


Also in this precious little 3.30PM Ludwig Wüst retains the main themes and constants of his cinema, emphasising, if you like, certain trends already traced in the past. And here, that realism and minimalism that were so central in his previous works become quite essential.