Actor: Michael Fuith


Fast paced, impeccable editing, an apparent daily routine that opens the feature immediately give us the idea of a thrilling action film, given also – and above all – the particular setting chosen by the director. And, in fact, there is plenty of action in Cops. And yet, this feature film is not just that.


It is no coincidence that a feature film like The Best of all Worlds has been a great success with audiences. All of this is due to skilful directing, but above all it is also due to two perfect protagonists, now totally confused in the cold outskirts of Salzburg, now simply happy to be in each other’s company. All this makes for a nostalgic glimpse into the world of childhood, when one was still too young to understand the ugliness of the adult world.



With a directorial approach that is as essential as possible – and with evident influences from the cinema of Michael Haneke – Markus Schleinzer – together with Kathrin Resetarits – has opted in Michael for a skilful minimal direction in staging the events of the two protagonists. A minimal direction made up of essential shots, fixed camera and very little dialogue. In competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.



Climate change has, for several years now, become a rather topical issue. And what does cinema, for its part, do? Great witness of our times, the seventh art has also often had its say on the subject. One example is the feature film The Station – made by Marvin Kren in 2013 – a reinterpretation/tribute to John Carpenter’s famous The Thing (1982). An operation, this one, however, very risky.