Actor: Krista Stadler


In her important Fly away Home Mirjam Unger has made everything develop on two distinct levels: on the one hand there is war, poverty, the destroyed city and the army. On the other is Christl with her curiosity about the world and her joie de vivre.


If Tempo – Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky’s first feature film – on the one hand treads the coming-of-age path already dealt with over and over again in Austria, on the other hand, shows a closer look than ever before at what is being realised at the same time in the rest of the world, resulting in a product with an international flavour with many typical features of 1990s mainstream cinema.



Die Verwundbaren – a unique shocking film in the history of Austrian cinema – is the only directing experience of the painter, set and costume designer Leo Tichat, who has always been fascinated by the Nouvelle Vague, to the point that he wanted to make a feature film that would be completely in line with the principles of the revolutionary French film movement.