Actor: Katharina Farnleitner



Wunderland is both a bitter and tender tale. A little, sincere film that with disarming realism shows us the first, important encounter with the world around us and its difficulties. Dreams are the mirror of our fears. But, perhaps, the love of parents can make us forget everything, even if only for a moment.


Milena Czernovsky and Lilith Kraxner’s Beatrix is characterised by a very particular narrative development, in which the act of watching, of observing not always in a voyeuristic way, becomes the directors’ primary goal. The camera follows the protagonist during every moment of her day. Meanwhile, what happens before our eyes is simply life. At the Viennale 2021.


The extreme realism of Northern Skirts gives way here to an impeccable elegance. And even if we are nostalgic for that suburbia so well depicted in the debut feature by the Viennese director, we have to admit that Mademoiselle Paradis shows a marked personality.