Actor: Julia Jentsch



Monte Verità is a wild run towards freedom. A constant search for beauty in all its forms. A desperate need for love that never seems to find its own fulfilment. A story of female emancipation in which there is also a sincere tribute to the world of photography and art in general.


Once were Rebels immediately presents itself as an ambivalent feature film. If, on the one hand, comedy and paradox reign for almost the entire running time of the film, on the other hand, it soon becomes an analysis of love and family relationships, as well as of the living conditions of some refugees from Russia, who are wanted solely for having tried to defend their freedom.



Felicity Jones’ undoubted charisma counts for little. The successful comic sketches performed by Bernhardt, the keeper of the chalet played by Austrian Gregor Bloéb, count for little: Phil Traill’s Chalet Girl – a co-production between Great Britain, Germany and Austria – is, unfortunately, a weak, uninspiring comedy with predictable and sometimes forced twists.