Actor: Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg



Alma & Oskar is not only the genesis of some of the most important paintings of the last century. Alma & Oskar is passion, desire, anger. A feature film that is extremely refined in its staging and is inspired by what has been made overseas, while showing its own, marked personality. At the Diagonale’23.


The extreme realism of Northern Skirts gives way here to an impeccable elegance. And even if we are nostalgic for that suburbia so well depicted in the debut feature by the Viennese director, we have to admit that Mademoiselle Paradis shows a marked personality.



Soldier Jane, the debut feature by young Daniel Hoesl, is the mirror of the present day. The mirror of a world in which money plays a key role. The mirror of a world in which a return to the past can sometimes seem the only way to live happily. The mirror of a world in which, nevertheless, the idea of a wealthy and gratifying life continues to have a certain appeal.