Actor: Jana McKinnon


Dealing with love – and, above all, understanding its true meaning – is not at all easy for Charlie and her friends. The same applies to eroticism, which they consider almost an antidote against boredom, but which, in fact, pervades the entire Beautiful Girl with a pulsating, implicit tension.


In The Impossible Picture, the interesting debut feature by young Sandra Wollner, the images on the screen initially show us a big family, used to deal with the strict figure of the grandmother. Moments of conviviality filmed around a laid table alternate with scenes in which the young women at home are used to share a bed for an afternoon nap on a hot summer afternoon. Then, suddenly, the music changes. And so the mood of the feature film gradually takes on supernatural overtones.



The particular contemplative mood of To the Night is quite appealing. Despite his young age and his limited experience behind the camera, Peter Brunner has the great ability to stage, in a very personal and sincere way, a deep inner torment that is extremely difficult to analyse.