Actor: Franz Herterich


Love triumphs in Court Theatre. But will it be so for everyone? And, above all, is love or career more important? How much can people’s opinions influence a person’s life? Willi Forst has staged it all with a strong lyricism, but also with the right cynicism, especially when it comes to dealing with certain dynamics within the show business and the upper middle class.


Asphalt takes its cue from some real-life stories and adopts a mise-en-scene that closely resembles Neorealism. And so, the result is a film divided into five episodes, incredibly rational in its irrationality. A film that openly speaks out against the war and – although the war has been over for many years now – points the finger directly at a hypocritical and conservative society.



Few people know that one of the most important periods in Austrian cinema was the 1920s. During this period, in fact, films with a biblical or epic character were mainly produced in Italy and Austria. This is the case (if we want to remain in Austria) with Samson and Delilah – directed in 1922 by the Hungarian Alexander Korda – as well as with the famous Sodom and Gomorrah, by Michael Curtiz.