Actor: David Oberkogler



Decadentism and modernity find an excellent combination in Corsage. The costumes and elegant interiors of Schönbrunn provide a counterpoint to the pop music. At the same time, Marie Kreutzer opted for a classical mise-en-scène, so that the viewer can focus exclusively on her magnetic protagonist, masterfully played by Vicky Krieps. At the Cannes Film Festival 2022.



In The White Goblin we see an unexpected Vienna. A Vienna that comes to life when everyone is asleep. A sparkling, opulent Vienna, but also the realm of the underworld, where money seems to play the leading role even – and above all – when the love of art and beauty should have the upper hand. At the Diagonale’22.



With a directorial approach that is as essential as possible – and with evident influences from the cinema of Michael Haneke – Markus Schleinzer – together with Kathrin Resetarits – has opted in Michael for a skilful minimal direction in staging the events of the two protagonists. A minimal direction made up of essential shots, fixed camera and very little dialogue. In competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.