Actor: Claudia Kottal



The colours of Greece, together with breathtaking landscapes, are treated in Griechenland almost as co-protagonists. Johannes runs from one side of the island to the other in order to understand what is really going on. But, perhaps, only a chat with a fisherman, while stargazing at night, can make one really understand the true meaning of life.



Just as it was in Love Machine, in Love Machine 2 a series of gags complement a script that is at times a little too predictable, but which, overall, provides the viewer with an hour and a half of laughter. The charisma of Georgy (and, of course, of talented Thomas Stipsits) is the real focus around which the whole film revolves.


Divided mainly into a series of sometimes too predictable gags, Love Machine suffers a lot from a weak screenplay, whose twists can already be easily imagined after only a few minutes. Despite the charisma of the talented Thomas Stipsits in the leading role.


There is not a moment during the screening of Stroke of Luck in which the audience can really catch its breath. Everything unfolds very quickly and the protagonist’s situation – which, at first, seemed so idyllic as to seem somewhat artificial – inevitably takes a turn for the worse, with corpses to be hidden and welcome noir atmospheres contrasting with the evocative and contemplative views of Vienna.