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Little, big stories

Finally, here we go! The Vienna Shorts 2024, Austria’s most important short film festival, of which Cinema Austriaco is a partner from this year, will take place from May 28 to June 2 in Vienna. This year, as every year, the festival, once again under the artistic direction of Doris Bauer and Daniel Hadenius-Ebner, will present a wide selection of short films from all over the world, focusing on live action works as well as documentaries, animation films and video clips. But let’s see specifically what awaits us over the next few days!

The Vienna Shorts 2024, whose main theme this year is desire as a driving force, presents no less than eighty-four films from thirty-three nations in its programme, all of which are divided into different sections and each of which stands out with its own, distinct personality. Particularly interesting in this respect are the short films in the FIDO – “Fiction & Documentary” section, which are part of the international competition. With the aim of involving the audience in an exciting journey into the film world of the present and future, the titles in this section include, for example, 2720 by Basil da Cunha, City of Poets by Sara Rajaei, Pleine Nuit by Manon Coubia, Uli by Mariana Gil Rios and White Cloud by Emmanuel Van der Auwera.

Great attention during this Vienna Shorts 2024 will, of course, also be devoted to animation and avant-garde cinema in the AA – “Animation Avantgarde” section. Here, too, numerous short films from as many nations will present us with new ways of telling the story of the world we live in, in a constant search for new cinematic languages. And while, within this section, it will be possible to watch international works such as De Imperio by Alessandro Novelli, La Voix des Sirènes by Gianluigi Toccafondo, Pacific Vein by Ulu Braun and Vegan Mayo by Luca Tóth, just to give a few examples, Austria will present the films Echoes of Grief by Verena Repar, The great Tree Piece by Claudia Larcher and Transit by Sebastian Freudenschuss.

Apropos Austria, therefore, the three short films in the AA section are of course not the only Austrian works present at the Vienna Shorts 2024. Particularly noteworthy in the festival programme, in fact, is the ÖW – ‘Österreich Wettbewerb’ section, entirely dedicated to short films from Austria, all of which are part of the national competition. Among the titles featured here are Friedl by Christiana Perschon, Kinderfilm by the Total Refusal collective, I saw you were dancing by Sarah Pech, Where my Grandfather used to sit by Lorenz Zenleser, Valley Pride by Lukas Marxt, The other Way around by Anna Vasof and Similar Strands of Hair by Simon Spitzer.

But that’s not all! Within the Vienna Shorts 2024 programme, in fact, there is a further section entirely dedicated to music videos made in Austria. We are talking about the MUVI – ‘Österreichischer Musikvideopreis’ section, where it will be possible to watch, among others, Tech22 – Kevin Cool (directed by Noah Rosa), Slut – Aengl (Sabrina Norte), Cowgirl – Filly (Miami Solutions) and Cover me in Silver – Lizki (Shahin Hefter), just to name a few.

If we add to this a special section dedicated to children, six particularly rich and exciting days are in store. Something very special is about to happen at the Gartenbaukino, the Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, the Metro Kinokulturhaus, the Austrian Film Museum, the Filmakademie Wien, the Milieukino and the festival centre at the MuseumsQuartier. Ready for Vienna Shorts 2024? All that remains is to make yourself comfortable in the cinema and discover how many beautiful stories we will finally be able to experience first-hand.

Below are reviews of some Austrian films and interviews related to the Vienna Shorts 2024.

Info: the website of the Vienna Shorts Film Festival