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by Houchang Allahyari

grade: 7

Tender, sensitive, romantic but never rhetorical, Und täglich frisch verliebt fully succeeds in its intentions in giving us an unforgettable love story while at the same time turning out to be a true hymn to life.

Together for more than sixty years

The Viennese entrepreneur Ferry Ebert was for years considered ‘the king of vending machines’. His name could in fact be read on thousands of these vending machines all over Austria. After retiring from his business, Ebert decided to open a sort of museum in Penzig, Vienna’s 14th district, displaying numerous objects that could be purchased from his vending machines. Fascinated by this singular reality, therefore, the Iranian-born filmmaker and psychiatrist Houchang Allahyari decided to make a documentary about him. However, after meeting his wife Amalia, his plans changed: now the magnetic Amalia would be the star of his film. Thus, the documentary Und täglich frisch verliebt came to life, focusing almost exclusively on the special love story between the two protagonists. A love story that began more than sixty years ago.

In Und täglich frisch verliebt, therefore, only the first few minutes are devoted to Ferry’s museum. Soon after, the lively Amalia almost completely captures the attention of Houchang Allahyari’s camera. The woman reminisces with her husband about moments from their past and their youth, sometimes sings old songs, has an overwhelming cheerfulness. Unfortunately, however, life for the Ebert couple is not always so idyllic. Amalia, in fact, is ill with dementia, although only in its early stages.

Houchang Allayahri, therefore, affectionately and reverently observes the everyday life of his protagonists. Amalia’s illness shows more and more signs every day. And yet, the two, despite many difficulties, manage to find their own balance and serenity. Just as witnessed by those who have known them for several years and, in particular, their affectionate granddaughter. Und täglich frisch verliebt, therefore, does not want to specifically analyse the effects of the disease. It does not want to show us a reality in which it is the disease itself that often plays the leading role. What Houchang Allahyari wanted to tell us, on the contrary, is a tender love story that can cope with every possible difficulty.

In summer, it is nice to sit in the garden and chat or sing. Cheerfulness is the best medicine, as Amalia herself believes. When winter comes, there is always time to go out and have a Glühwein at the many Christmas markets. And gradually, the time also comes to celebrate a new wedding anniversary. Tender, sensitive, romantic but never rhetorical, Und täglich frisch verliebt is thus an apparently simple documentary devoid of any unnecessary virtuosity. A film made with a rather low budget that nevertheless fully succeeds in its intentions, giving us a tender love story and proving to be, at the same time, a true hymn to life.

Original title: Und täglich frisch verliebt
Directed by: Houchang Allahyari
Country/year: Austria / 2024
Running time: 77’
Genre: documentary
Screenplay: Houchang Allahyari
Cinematography: Ramoun Ghashehpour
Produced by: Houchang Allahyari

Info: the page of Und täglich frisch verliebt on the website of the Filmarchiv Austria