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In about one month, the Diagonale’24 will open in Graz with the Austrian premiere of Ruth Beckermann’s documentary Favoriten. Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym made the festival trailer, Unter dem Image. Source: press release.

The final countdown

In about one month, on April 4, the 27th edition of the Diagonale will open in Graz with the Austrian premiere of the documentary Favoriten by Ruth Beckermann, attended by the director in the Helmut List Halle, which for this special evening will once again be transformed into the country’s biggest cinema hall with over 1,100 seats.

Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym made the trailer for the Diagonale’24, Unter dem Image. The film makes use of an unreleased film. The trailer is based on a never-before-seen talk show scene from their film C-TV: (Wenn ich Dir sage, ich habe Dich gern…), for which they were awarded the City of Graz Innovative Film Prize at the last edition of the festival. Referring to the saying ‘Under the pavement, the beach’ from the 1970s, the trailer calls to mind the political protest movements of the time and the desire to change social conditions: under the image is the beach, an inclusive and resilient place for bodies and films beyond standardised images.

Diagonale’24: trailer and exhibition

Unter dem Image

by Eva Egermann & Cordula Thym

With the exhibition of the Diagonale C-TV: Close Encounters of the Hamster Kind by Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym, C-TV also moves to the Kunsthaus Graz as a ‘contribution to changing the social atmosphere of the Earth’. The exhibition, consisting of props and background material, extends the film into the three-dimensional space of experience – as a medium for a better future in which the world is a different place. All that is the norm and normality and considered ability has long since given way to a place of many, where people with disabilities enrich community life with sophistication and splendour. Curated by Katrin Bucher Trantow. In cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz.

Opening: Friday, April 5 | 11 a.m.

Exhibition: April 6 – May 5

Free admission

Awards marathon | Graz as premiere venue before cinema release

In addition to the historical specials and special programmes, the film competition traditionally forms the heart of the Festival of Austrian Film: with a total amount of EUR 110,000, Austria’s highest-ranking film prizes will be awarded during the awards ceremony on April 8 at 7 pm at the Orpheum in Graz. Many of the films in competition will be screened as Austrian or world premieres in Graz’s cinemas, attended by the filmmakers: Graz will once again become the film capital of the country!

During the Diagonale, on April 6 at 11.30 a.m., the Franz Grabner Prize and on April 8 at 11 a.m. the Carl Mayer Screenplay Prize and the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize will also be awarded. These events will take place in the Diagonale Forum in the Heimatsaal of the Volkskundemuseum am Paulustor. The awards marathon will end on April 9 at 6 p.m. at the Schubertkino with the presentation of the Diagonale Audience Award by the Kleine Zeitung.

The Diagonale is also pleased to announce three films in the programme that will be screened in the run-up to the festival. Before that, they will celebrate their premieres in Graz in the presence of their teams – two of them will be screened in Austria for the first time!

Birgit Minichmayer shines in the role of Maria Lassnig in Anja Salomonowitz‘s Sleeping with a Tiger, a film that is mainly about boundaries and transgressions, isolation in the male art world and the endless desire to dissolve one’s body. Anja Salomonowitz approaches the alienated artist Lassnig as an artist of alienation: a biopic that is an interpretation, a vision of the present and a narrative of the past. Kat Rohrer’s first feature film, What a Feeling, is a romantic comedy set in contemporary Vienna: Caroline Peters, as a doctor suffering from break-up shock and an excess of red wine, comes across the Pussy Cat Bar, where she meets Proschat Madani as a plumber who is afraid of relationships. One thing leads to another and soon a love story with slapstick interludes develops around two exceptional leading actresses! At the end of the Diagonale, director Kat Rohrer and lead actress Proschat Madani talk with film historian Nicole Kandioler about queer cinema in Austria between mainstream and niche thinking. The film will be shown in cinemas all over Austria from April 19, 2024.

The documentary Vista Mare by Julia Gutweniger and Florian Kofler, already presented at the Viennale 2023, will be released in Austrian cinemas on April 5, 2024 and takes a look behind the scenes at seaside holidays, seascapes and ‘la dolce vita’. What has no place in the sweet life of tourists is hard work, in the form of thousands of manual operations that make the great promise of a small paradise possible. Films from the annual review are also part of the competition and will be screened in the presence of the authors, such as Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala‘s The Devil’s Bath or Antonin Svoboda’s Persona Non Grata, with Großer Diagonale Schauspielpreis 2024 winner Lukas Miko in the role of journalist Thomas Fuchs.

Diagonale parties | EsRap & Gasmac Gilmore | Enesi M. |

| Sir Tralala | Diagonale-Awareness-Team |

The Diagonale will once again offer a great mix of live concerts, DJs and a good atmosphere to round off the festival days perfectly.

The Diagonale Nightline line-up ranges from the relaxation and intimacy of the Diagonale Bar in the Volksgarten Pavilion – hosted by EULE – or the Café Wolf, to the wild noise of the p.p.c. with the Diagonale Club. From the opening party in the Helmut List Halle with Dahlia Ahmed (FM4) and Pony M (Grrrls Kollektiv) to ‘Balkan Sounds with a Spaghetti Western Touch’ by EsRap and Gasmac Gilmore and the raw vocals with rap harmonies and singing by Enesi M. to musician David Hebenstreit aka Sir Tralala, responsible for the soundtracks of two films in the Diagonale programme – they all have one thing in common: admission is always free!

This year’s festival will be accompanied by awaGraz’s awareness-raising team to ensure that the good vibes are not spoiled: the team will be present at the Diagonale parties in the Helmut List Halle and at the p.p.c. and will support guests and artists in case of experienced or observed discrimination.

The Festival of Austrian Film will take place for the 27th time in Graz from April 4 to 9, 2024, for the first time under the direction of Dominik Kamalzadeh and Claudia Slanar.

The complete programme will be available online from March 21, 2024 at 1 p.m., and ticket sales will begin on March 22.

Info: the website of the Diagonale’24