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Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 kicks off. In Rome, at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura, from June 21 to July 6, 2022.

Many new stories under the sky of Rome

Here we go this year, too! On Tuesday evening, June 21, at 8.30 p.m., at the wonderful gardens of the Forum Austriaco di Cultura Roma (viale Bruno Buozzi 113), the Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 film festival will finally kick off. An edition, this one, that is particularly significant, since the famous film event in Rome will take place for the tenth consecutive year.

Once again this year, therefore, there are six evenings on the programme where it will be possible to watch or re-watch some of the most important Austrian feature films made in the last year. Once again this year, the careful and accurate selection by Stefano Finesi will be able to give us some real surprises. Accompanying us on this exciting journey will be a series of guests who are used to experiencing at first hand what the contemporary Austrian film scene has to offer.

Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 will begin, as already reported, on Tuesday, June 21, at 8.30 pm. On this occasion, the feature film Great Freedom, directed by Sebastian Meise in 2021, which premiered at the Cannes Film FestivalUn certain Regard section – and which was also a true revelation, entered on the 2022 Oscar short list for Best Foreign Language Film, will be presented. The story staged, then, is that of Hans (played by Franz Rogowski), first imprisoned in a concentration camp, then, after the end of the war, repeatedly arrested for being a homosexual. Will our protagonist ever manage to find his longed-for freedom?

On this special opening night, the film will be presented by Eva Sangiorgi, director of the Viennale.

On Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m., it will be the turn of Hinterland, realised by Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky and awarded at the Diagonale 2022 for its extraordinary sets. In this case we find ourselves at the end of World War I. Detective Peter Perg (Murathan Muslu) returns home with a group of fellow soldiers after years of captivity in Russia. After the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna looks totally different and when a mysterious serial killer starts killing former soldiers, it is Perg who has to solve the case.

Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 will continue on Tuesday, June 28, at 8.30 p.m., with the screening of Rimini, the newest feature film by acclaimed director Ulrich Seidl, which was already presented in competition at the Berlinale 2022. Actor Michael Thomas will give us, on this occasion, an unforgettable protagonist: Richie Bravo. Richie has lived in Rimini for years and was once a successful singer. Currently, however, he is in serious financial difficulties and to survive he is forced to prostitute himself and rent out his house. The situation will get worse when his daughter Tessa asks him for a large sum of money.

Rimini will be presented by Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber, directors of the Diagonale, Austria’s most important film festival dedicated entirely to Austrian cinema.

The festival will continue on Thursday, June 30, at 9 p.m., with a screening of the feature film Above the World, the newest work by young director Adrian Goiginger, which had already premiered at the Diagonale 2022. The story is that of Elias, who comes from a wealthy family, but seems destined for something totally different from what his parents have in mind for him. A return to nature and a life finally free of all bonds will, in fact, be all he needs.

On Tuesday, July 5, at 8.30 p.m., it will be the turn of Fox in a Hole, directed by Arman T. Riahi and already presented as the opening film at the Diagonale 2021. Teacher Hannes Fuchs (Aleksandar Petrovic) works in a juvenile prison and is confronted every day with the difficult stories of teenagers who have to prematurely become adults.

On this occasion, Fox in a Hole will be presented to the audience by director Arman T. Riahi.

Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 will end on Wednesday, July 6, when the funny comedy of errors Side Effects and Risks, directed by Michael Kreihsl in 2021, will be screened at 9pm. Kathrin (Inka Friedrich) needs a kidney transplant and her husband Arnold (Samuel Finzi) would be the perfect donor. The man, however, is afraid of the operation and tries hard to find alternative solutions. The moment a friend of theirs volunteers, however, he becomes incredibly jealous.

This tenth edition of Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria, therefore, promises to be more exciting than ever. An edition that will make us laugh, reflect, but also move us with the most important Austrian feature films presented in recent months in cinemas or at international festivals. All we have to do, then, is to let ourselves be led by the hand on this new, exciting journey and enjoy cinema in the open air in the gardens of the Forum Austriaco di Cultura. Austrian cinema is just waiting to be discovered.

Admission to the screenings is free, subject to prior reservation. To book, please write to, specifying your name, surname and the film you have chosen. E-mails should be sent until 12 noon on the day of the screening and requests will be accepted subject to availability.

Below are reviews of the films present and articles about this edition of Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022.

Info: the page of Sotto le Stelle dell’Austria 2022 on the website of the Forum Austriaco di Cultura Roma