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New stories in Graz

Here we go again this year! The long-awaited Diagonale 2022 will soon begin! Like every year, the beautiful city of Graz will become the home of Austrian cinema and for six days – from April 5 to 10 – it will be possible to watch the newest films made in Austria, as well as numerous films from the past.

This Diagonale 2022 – once again under the artistic direction of Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber – therefore promises to be richer and more varied than ever. After the opening night – Tuesday, April 5 – with Sonne by Kurdwin Ayub (premiered and awarded at the Berlinale 2022), in fact, feature films such as Wander by Rosa Friedrich, Snotty Boy by Marcus H. Rosenmüller and Santiago López Jover, Great Freedom by Sebastian Meise, as well as Rimini by Ulrich Seidl (also presented at the Berlinale), Masking Threshold by Johannes Grenzfurthner, Luzifer by Peter Brunner, Para:Dies by Elena Wolff and The Bastard King by Owen Pruemm, just to name a few, will be screened. Great attention is also paid, as every year, to avant-garde cinema (thanks to the Innovatives Kino section) and documentary cinema. And so, on the occasion of this Diagonale 2022, it will be possible to attend screenings of films such as, for example, Just be there by Caspar Pfaundler, A Pile of Ghosts by Ella Raidel, For the Many – The Vienna Chamber of Labour by Constantin Wulff (already presented in Berlin) and Good Life Deal by Samira Ghahremani (as well as, of course, numerous other titles).

As usual, however, it is not only the newest Austrian films that will be the highlights of this Diagonale 2022. In addition to the films in competition, in fact, particularly noteworthy are the retrospectives Rausch and Come and shoot in Thaliwood, the In Referenz section (in which much space is dedicated to the great Michael Haneke on the occasion of his 80th birthday) and the Zur Person section, this year dedicated to filmmakers and photographers Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, whose photographs will be presented for the occasion in a dedicated exhibition.

During these intense festival days, there will also be the opportunity to examine certain authors and themes in depth, as well as to take part in debates on some of the most topical issues centred on the world of contemporary cinema. To this end, a series of daily talks is part of the already rich programme of the Diagonale 2022 and serves as a perfect complement to Austria’s most renowned film festival.

In short, there really will be something for everyone! All we have to do, therefore, is to choose what interests us most, get comfortable and let ourselves be surrounded by the darkness of the cinema to discover new, exciting stories. The famous Clock Tower will, as always, watch over the city and these special festival days. Cinema Austriaco will follow the event closely and will faithfully document all its highlights. With the Diagonale 2022 a new, exciting adventure full of enthralling stories will begin.

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