Month: October 2021


Sekundenarbeiten is entirely shot on film. A return to the true essence of cinema. In the same way, Liselott Berschorner’s blank sheet is almost like a kind of rough diamond. A rough diamond that is about to be carved before our eyes and that, thanks to this particular process, seems to us even more precious. At the Viennale 2021.


Krai is an intimate and personal film that immediately makes us feel part of a world that is initially unknown to us. The director has opted for the most essential approach possible. The reality he depicts needs no further frills and is wonderful just as it is. Metacinema and documentary cinema come together to create something tender, ironic, but also incredibly moving.


Hinterland is an expressionist film. A film in which angular sets, cramped streets, sloping buildings, sinister shadows and oblique shots make us experience first-hand one of the most dramatic periods in history and convey anxiety.


In Reign of Silence, the word is left exclusively to the images. There is no need for anything else, not even for redundant captions or music. Pure cinema. A directorial approach that is certainly extreme, but also incredibly mature and self-conscious. A directorial approach maintained by Lukas Marxt over the years.


Poppitz is hilarious, irreverent, not afraid to highlight the habits and faults of the upper middle class and, in recounting poor Gerry’s misadventures, draws a comprehensive fresco of contemporary society. A superficial society that only cares about ‘appearances’ and considers luxury as the solution to any problem.



In her Boots is a tender and colourful journey into the mind of a lady with dementia. A lady who lives with her granddaughter and who magically finds herself now climbing mountains, now floating free in the air, now dancing naked in the living room. Her shoes are now old. Yet they have not lost their magic powers. The woman absolutely cannot part with them.


Surreal, bizarre, but also tender and rather naïve, Drei Herren is certainly not a perfect feature film. And yet, as we get closer to the finale, each character turns out to be much more complex and multifaceted than it might initially seem.